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F1-1967 GTL v1.1 RELEASED now!

Please read included GTL_F1-1967_v1.0.txt file for important and more detailed information about this mod, although genstring options have changed and other info may now be redundant.
See .CAR and .CAS files for genstring breakdown.

We also highly recommend getting and using the excellent GTLCarTools program by Nappe1 to turn car slots on and off - this is available here :
http://www.nogripracing.com/details.php?filenr=39022&page=2 (need a login account to download)

If you have v1.0 of this mod installed, remove the Gamedata\teams\F1-1967 folder before installing this version 1.1.
Changes have been made to the way files are named and organised within the mod and so version 1.0 is now incompatible and should be deleted.
You do not need to delete the gamedata\sounds\F1-1967, just allow to overwrite.     

Copy the teams\F1-1967 folder to Gamedata\teams\
Copy the sounds\F1-1967 folder to Gamedata\sounds\  - allowing to overwrite.

MAIN CHANGES - see below Fixes and Changes for details
New cars
New Mirrors
New driver designations
New Gauge paints
New Dual Gauges
New genstring options
6th gear patch by ravenmorpheus2k included in mod
Many Fixes


1.  Fixed incorrect .car file information about skin names. These errors are corrected as part of the file structure re-write.
2.  Fixed missing needle from Fuel Pressure gauge  - thanks to Soze for the info.
3.  All gauge needles are now the same length.
4.  Reduced wheel Radius both front and back to address the 'floating cars' visual effect - thanks Ney for spotting it.  
5.  Cockpit mirrors no longer show bits of the internal driver body.
6.  Cooper dashboard no longer displays ugly texture under shadows (so far so good..).
7.  Moved Lotus 43 engine forward to close the gap between it and the back of the cockpit tub.
8.  Eliminated BRM Body flicker. - see Changes 9. below.
9.  Car models now sit on top of the showroom floor.   
10. Fixed AI cars always displaying user's cockpit gauges. See Changes 11. below.
11. Fixed some audio issues - Ferrari 67 and Eagle & McLaren engine sound cut out. Engine sound could cut out momentarily if changing down very quickly. BRM engine volume would decrease just before reaching max rpm.
12. Corrected Eagle and Cooper front suspensions - Eagle was using the Mclaren front suspension and the Cooper still had the front spindles attached (in effect having 2 sets). 
13. Fixed Lotus and Cooper cockpit tubs poking out through car body.
14. Fixed Cooper cockpit tub missing right side textures in showroom.
15. Fixed missing driver heads in pits after accident.
16. Adjusted fuel consumption for all cars.
17. Fixed Mclaren M5A and Eagle Indy cars having each other's engine models.
18. Fixed car nose badge transparency issue where a dark 'box' would appear around the badge when driven under shadows. I think it is solved but I can't test on EVERY track ;)

1.  Mod file structure re-written. 
2.  Extra Cars - New model designations and physics for existing skins and models. 
    - Cooper T79, John Love, previously Cooper T81B.
    - Brabham BT11, Bob Anderson, previously Brabham BT20. Altered BT11 engine model and added new exhaust pipes for BT20 from GPLEA BT20. 
    - Honda RA273, John Surtees, previously Honda RA300. John Surtees drove both the Honda RA300 and the Honda RA273 during the '67 Season so appears twice.
    - Honda RA273, Ronnie Bucknum, previously Honda RA300. Ronnie Bucknum never drove during the '67 Season but did drive the RA273 in the '66 season.
    - Eagle T1F, Al Pease, previously Eagle T1G.
3.  New biks and icons to reflect the changes in car designation.
4.  Enlarged steering wheels are now selected by default.
5.  Repositioned Brabham RPM light so now both GTL & GTR2 versions are identical.
6.  New car shadow map and shadow objects for each car (.cas).
7.  Honda internal mirrors reduced in size. see Changes 12.
8.  Renamed Lotus dash materials to avoid conflict with track Solitude_64. It has a Lotus as scenery with some conflicting material names.
9.  Changed shader and material properties for the car body of BRM & Lotus cars. 
10. Ferrari gauges now have round meshes instead of square meshes. Under certain lighting/shadows, the square mesh could be seen surrounding the gauges.
11. External view cockpit gauges for all cars (.cas).
12. New mirror meshes - internal & external for all cars except Coopers and Eagles. Thanks BorekS.
13. Better match of Cockpit to HUD RPM gauges.
14. HUD Fuel volume.
15. New 12000 RPM tacho gauge for the cars that need it. 
16. Dual oil temp / oil pressure gauge for BRM, Eagle & Ferrari. 
17. Swapped position of fuel pressure and oil pressure guages in Honda dashboard to better see oil pressure gauge. This is now a genstring option.
18. Re-positioned Eagle gauges as they were obscured by the enlarged steering wheel. This also is a genstring option so you can go back to the original if you prefer.
19. Increased volume of engine samples for Ferrari 312-66, Mclaren M5A & Eagle cars. Cars should now be closer in engine volume.
20  Moved Ferrari 66 external driver and helmet lower.
21. Darkened tyre tread.
22. Decreased exhaust output for all cars by half (0.4 -> 0.2). 
23. Eagle & McLaren cars now using internal windshield for external windshield. adds a seam to the top of the windshield that was missing before.
24. Swapped Dan Gurney from Eagle #9 to Eagle #36 as this is a much more iconic number for him.
25. Changed shader used for suspension objects in an attempt to reduce flicker under certain lighting conditions on certain tracks.
26. Lotus 43 gets it's own tyre file so it can display wider skidmarks to match it's wider rear tyres.
37. Brabham Winshields - reworked internal windshield & using different external windshield. External windshield is the original from the rFactor mod, but retextured..
38. Split front calipers from front spindles.
39. "double-faced" all steering wheels so when looking at the car from the front, the steering wheel spokes are visible. 
40. Added wheel nuts to Cooper Factory cars - the 'dish' rimmed wheels.
41. Cooper Dish Wheels now have bolts - thanks GeeDee
42. Moved Ludovico Scarfiotti out of the Eagle T1G #22 into the Ferrari 312-67 #16 and repainted his suit to say firestone and not goodyear.
43. Placed Richie Ginther in Eagle T1G #22 to replace Ludovico Scarfiotti.
44. Reduced damage to cars. There are now 3 to choose from - damageless, default and hardcore. You can find the original default Damage file in the extras\damage\hardcore folder and the damageless damage file in extras\danmage\none.
45. Boosted ALL cars max rpm to avoid engine cut-out on rapid gear change down.
46. Enlarged external driver bodies that fit better to steering wheel - thanks GeeDee. This is now a genstring option.
Other little things that escape my memory..... 

Known Issues
*- Some flickering on cars.
*- Some transparency issues under shadows - depends on track.
*- Not perfect fit for internal driver bodies.
*- No animated external drivers as they don't fit in cockpit.
*- Gap between car bodies and cockpit in cockpit view, particularly the Honda.
*- Sound levels could be better.
*- Dashboard lights could be better.
*- Some cars are a little fast.
*- All talent files are identical.

Have fun !!

Original F1-1967 GTL v1.0 INSTALLATION 

Copy the Gamedata folder to your GTL installation folder.
i.e if you have GTL installed in x:\GTL then copy the gamedata folder to x:\GTL\, letting it overwrite.
NO existing files will be altered. 

Before you can use this mod, you have to do a couple of things.

1. Add SIM_67GPL class to gamedata\SIM_GTC.gdb
To do this add this line to the SIM_GTC.gdb file :
SIM_67GPL = 1967 GPL

You add it to the Category section.
This is what it should look like, provided that you have not previously added class entries, say for the F1LR or Bathurst Legends mods etc :

 SIM_TC65 = FIA TC-65       // category that can be filtered out using NOT:
 SIM_GTC65 = FIA GTC-65     // category that can be filtered out using NOT:
 SIM_GTC76 = FIA GTC-TC-76  // category that can be filtered out using NOT:
 SIM_67GPL = 1967 GPL

Now when you run GTL you will have a "1967 GPL" entry to select when selecting what car classes to drive.

2. PLR file - Add Wheels Visible In Cockpit="1"
Next you need to edit your <player name>.PLR file. player name is the name you use to drive in GTL and the file is found in userdata\<player name>\<player name>.PLR
i.e if your GTL driver name is Speedy then the file you need to edit is userdata\speedy\speedy.PLR

You need to make sure that this file contains this line, found in the [ Graphic Options ] section :
Wheels Visible In Cockpit="1"

This will tell GTL to show the front wheels when in cockpit view, which is of course the only way to drive an F1 mod ;)
If Wheels Visible In Cockpit="0" then just change the 0 to 1 

3. Up/Down, Forward/Back cockpit adjustment
You may need to adjust the driver position up or down and/or forward or back when changing to different cars.
To achieve this you have to set these operations to either keyboard keys or buttons on your steering wheel.
Personally I assign up / down to U & J and forward/back to F & V.
To set this up, whilst at the GTL main menu, select options->controls and select the extras box. then assign your buttons or keys to the following.

Adjust Seat Fore   - forward button/key
Adjust Seat Aft    - backward button/key
Adjust Seat Up     - up button/key 
Adjust Seat Down   - down button/key 

4. 6th/7th Gear changer mod for GTL
To get access to the 6th gear of the BRM-H16 powered cars (BRM P83 and Lotus 43), you need to install the "GTL 6th-7th gears and Aero adjustments mod v1_0 by ravenmorpheus". I wasn't able to find this anywhere so I have provided a link here:


No Damage .DMG file
In the extras\damage folder of the mod are two folders, each holding a damage file. Normal has a copy of the default damage file and None has a damage file with no damage. If you find that you can't drive the cars without damaging them then just copy (not move) the None\F1-1967_Damage.dmg to the F1-1967 folder, overwriting the existing file. The Normal\F1-1967_Damage.dmg is there in case you want to put it back again.

Enlarged Steering Wheels - genstring
GeeDee has kindly created a full set of enlarged steering wheels for the mod, as the default wheels do not fit the cockpit drivers hands properly. The default wheels are size correct but you may prefer a better hands to wheel fit experience, if so then these are for you.

To enable these enlarged wheels you have to use GTL's genstring mechanism by editing the genstring line in the .CAR files for those cars.
Because each car group has differing number of genstring options, the rule is that the steering wheels are the second last option and 2 turns them on.
Using the Brabham BT24 #6701 - 6701_bt24_repco.car for example :

Default :

Enlarged steering wheel :

Driver Goggles - genstring
Just for a bit of fun, I've added the option to drive with or without goggles and just like the enlarged steering wheels, they are activated through the genstring mechanism. The goggles are always the last option and using the 6701_bt24_repco.car for example :

Default :

Goggles Off :

Enlarged steering wheel & goggles off :

There is detailed information on the genstring options in each .CAR file and car group .CAS files.

Extra Driver Skins - .xcars in car folders
There were a number of extra skins found in the original mod and once again as a bit of fun, I've created slots for these and as drivers, assigned each to the guys involved in the mod. You can turn these slots on by renaming the .xcar files to .car or by using the excellent GTLCarTools program by Nappe1.

Notes - Issues
* texture transparency errors on some tracks - mostly under shadows.
* some car texture flickering.
* non-animated external drivers - using driver models from rFactor and not GTL.
* "headless" cars returned to pit after accidents - again because of using rFactor sources.

Some other small issues.

Have fun !!



The car list:
Brabham BT20, Brabham BT24 , BRM P83, Cooper T81B, Eagle T1F, Eagle T1G, Eagle T2G, Ferrari 312 - 66, Ferrari 312 - 67, Honda RA300, Lotus 43, Lotus 49, McLaren M5A
Or visit this link or this one